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Photograph: Collins Taoiseach Micheál Martin told the Dáil he would talk to the HSE again to ensure maternity units comply with current national guidance to provide access for partners of expectant mothers to scans, birth and post-natal appointments. Sinn Féin leader Mary Lou McDonald said that despite the Chief Medical Office, the chief executive of the HSE, the Taoiseach and the Minister for Health advocating for change “these restrictions are a reality”. Ms McDonald said “partners are not visitors and need to have access along with the pregnant woman for appointments, scans, for labour and for post-natal care”. Sinn Féin Cork South-Central TD Donnchadh O Laoighaire said he was “one of those partners” and was very disappointed to hear he could not attend for the 34-week scan. Ms McDonald called for the Taoiseach to “bring together the masters of hospitals and managers of hospitals with maternity units because the situation needs to be rectified now”. Mr Martin reiterated his view that “there is no good reason in public health terms as to why these restrictions remain in place” given the success of the vaccine rollout and the suppression of the virus. He said the updated guidelines from the Health Protection Surveillance Centre state it is “generally appropriate to facilitate attendance by a partner through active labour and childbirth, after 20 weeks scans and also daily visits in visiting for example neo-natal units”. In the wake of the HSE chief executive writing to maternity units seeking confirmation that they were implementing the current guidelines, the Taoiseach said “I will talk again to the HSE to make sure that this is complied with”. Earlier Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly confirmed the units had been written to by the HSE in relation to access for partners of mothers. Mr Donnelly said he was “quite frustrated” at the lack of progress in some areas about providing this access, and said the HSE was too. If a hospital feels it is unable to provide access due to infection control issues relating to Covid-19, it will have make a case for this in writing to the HSE, he said. The Minister said on Wednesday he was expecting to receive a report from the HSE on the issue later. The issue of providing access for birth partners to maternity units has been the subject of controversy in recent months, with advocates for greater access this week mounting protests outside some hospitals. Access was restricted late last year during the third wave of the pandemic, and have been eased only slightly since. Some hospitals say their infrastructure makes it difficult to facilitate safe access for partners during before, during and after birth. Mr Donnelly said he would be bringing detailed updated plans on the further rollout of vaccines to Cabinet next week, once detailed advice is received from the National Immunisation Advisory Committee.

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Michael Serna waits inside a Kearny Mesa crematory while his wife says her last goodbye to their oldest daughter “Specifically, we’d like to know why so many inmates have died while in the Department’s custody and what steps are being taken to ensure proper protocol,” the legislators wrote. The three-page letter was co-signed by Senate President Toni Atkins and Assembly members Brian Maienschein, Lorena Gonzalez, Akilah Weber, Chris Ward and Tasha Boerner-Horvath, all Democrats. Sen. Ben Hueso is the only local state Democrat who did not sign the letter; his staff said last month that he supports the audit. The lawmakers want state auditors to delve into a number of issues, including what the Sheriff’s Department has done to mitigate inmate deaths, whether minority groups are overrepresented in fatalities, and how much the county has paid to resolve legal complaints related to deaths. “There is an extensive public record documenting the tragic loss of lives, systemic failures and inadequacy of oversight,” the letter states. “... The grim history shows no sign of waning.” The Sheriff’s Department said in a statement Friday that it welcomed the review. “We remain committed to the safety, health and welfare of the people entrusted in our custody so the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department will fully cooperate with the Joint Legislative Audit Committee’s audit,” it said. “We look forward to making meaningful changes if needed.” The lawmakers also want state auditors to review practices and budgeting at the Citizens’ Law Enforcement Review Board, the volunteer panel that provides civilian oversight of the county Sheriff’s and Probation departments. Paul Parker, the review board’s executive officer, said Friday that the board supports a state audit and noted that it agreed earlier this year to hire an outside expert to study in-custody deaths in San Diego County jails. “CLERB will continue forward with its own independent analysis and supports all similar analyses of (Sheriff’s Department) facilities,” Parker said by email. County Sheriff’s Department questions national standard when counting jail suicide rate The letter cites The San Diego Union-Tribune’s “Dying Behind Bars” investigation published in 2019 as an impetus for requesting the audit. The multi-part series found that San Diego County jails have the highest mortality and suicide rates among California’s six largest jail systems. Many of the 150-plus people who died in custody since 2009 — the year Bill Gore was appointed sheriff — could have survived through better suicide-prevention practices and more diligent health care given to inmates suffering from chronic illnesses, including serious mental health issues, the report found. The Union-Tribune investigation also found that lawsuits stemming from many of the deaths have cost taxpayers millions of dollars in legal settlements in recent years. The request to the Joint Legislative Audit Committee also references an investigation by Disability Rights California completed in 2018 that looked at the 17 suicides that occurred in San Diego County jails between 2014 and 2016, which “far outpaced other large California county jail systems.” The Sheriff’s Department has maintained that both the Union-Tribune and Disability Rights California relied on a flawed methodology — the same standard used by the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics for reports on mortality in jails and prisons — to measure its jail-suicide rate. Department officials hired their own expert, who wrote a report concluding that suicides in San Diego County jails were not disproportionate with those in other California counties. The request to the Joint Legislative Audit Committee will be considered when the panel next convenes, likely in June or July. Any findings and recommendations would be released later this year or in 2022.