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When the researchers took these factors into account, they found that at least 630,000 people did not have access to a flush toilet and that a further 300,000 relied on shared sanitation. Scientists at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta conducted this study. It appeared in the Although the percentage of people without basic sanitation services is low in the U.S., the study authors write, the absolute number is large for “a high income country where resources exist to address the issue.” They note that people living in rented accommodation may have running water and a flush toilet, but when these facilities break, landlords might take weeks or months to organize repairs. Both the above studies conclude that introducing measures to ensure affordable and adequate housing is the most effective way to improve access to water and sanitation in U.S. towns and cities. In 2019, a major report by two nonprofit organizations — the US Water Alliance and Dig Deep — proposed a plan of action to tackle what it called “America’s hidden water crisis.” The report, Closing the Water Gap in the United States , estimates that more than 2 million people in the U.S. do not have access to safe drinking water and sanitation. However, it reiterates that the U.S. does not collect comprehensive data on water poverty. This has made it particularly difficult to assess the scale of the problem for those who are worst affected: low income communities and communities of color. The report cites evidence that Native American households, for instance, are 19 times more likely than white households to have inadequate plumbing. Also, African American and Latinx households appear to be nearly twice as likely to her response face this challenge as white households. The report’s authors assert that the problem is not isolated dwellings living “off the grid” but entire communities that lack access to clean water and safe sanitation. They provide examples from six communities, from California to Puerto Rico, to highlight how widespread and deep rooted the problems are. “On the Navajo Nation in the Southwest, families drive for hours to haul barrels of water to meet their basic needs. In West Virginia, they drink from polluted streams. In Alabama, parents warn their children not to play outside because their yards are flooded with sewage. Families living in Texas border towns worry because there is no running water to fight fires.” The report concludes that in rural communities, in contrast with towns and cities, the root cause of water poverty is isolation from municipal water services.

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